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Social media is key for all sucessful brands. High quality social media videos can produce a high volume of website traffic. As a result, companies now have social media departments to handle these outlets. We create the content they post!!   

Why Social Media?

There are almost 3.5 billion active users of social media. Creating engaging social media videos can have a significant upside. With over 54% of consumers searching for video content from businesses and brands, social media content has never been more important.

We deliver video for these platforms. They are optimized for engagment and to take up as much space on screen as possible. As a result, it maximises your company’s visibility. 

Active Social Media Users

Grow Organically

Social Media offers companies a very natural way of acquiring customers. With good consistent content an audience of people who are interested in your business, will naturally start to follow your channels.

The longer they engage with your social media content, the more likely they are to become fans. This is Ideal! Fans advertise for you, to all their networks. Above all, because they were naturally interested in your company, they will be more passionate about your business.

So how do you grow organically?

Consistently good and engaging content is key! Content that naturally suits your business and audience. Also, by creating content your followers will organically share can boost your visibility dramatically, this is were real growth happens. We call this, beating the algorithm.


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This can take time but social media platforms do reward profiles that are consistent with their uploads. They will increase your visibility and then use engagement as the next measurement.

To calculate your social media engagement rates you can use Phlanx

This engagement rate can be used to measure whether your audience is enjoying the content you are producing. Remember these numbers are generally small and a score of 10% or above is very good.

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