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Increase your conversion rates with e-commerce video production.

Why use Product Videos?

Product videos or “e-commerce video production” are essential for all businesses that have a physical or digital product for sale. At least 54% of consumers seek out product videos when considering buying an item. 

So how can e-Commerce Video Production help your sales?

Your business has the potential of doubling it’s sales! Just by creating videos for the products you sell. This doesn’t even take into account the customers who find your videos organically and make a purchase. Or if you use the videos for advertising and reach even more potential customers.

The ROI can be excellent and continue for a long time when a good strategy of distribution  is implemented. Take the clothing company Asos as a case study. They produce a video for each item of clothing on their website . Why? 

Conversion rates! It would be a very time consuming and costly process to create a whole clothing website with thousands of items that constantly change with the seasons. So why do it?

The ROI!!


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More than 70% of YouTube watch time is consumed from a mobile device. Over 50,000 years of product reviews videos have been watched on YouTube in the past 2 years alone.

Optimize your videos

Leveraging YouTube as an SEO opportunity for video content is critical. As YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, optimizing your video tags, description and title are key. 

Also being owned by Google, YouTube videos often appear when you do Google search. Google does this because users prefer to watch video content than read web pages. 

YouTube is a free form of distribution that companies should be leveraging for Google search engine ranks. This can improve product sales and also increase brand awareness.

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