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Emotionally engage viewers with a cinematic documentary.

Is a cinematic documentary good for business?

Cinematic documentaries are probably the most powerful form of video production a company can create. As this approach is focused on storytelling and not hard sales tactics, the audience is more engaged with the content. These videos that are created they can live for many years representing the brand and their values.

Yeti are a perfect example of this style of advertising and content creation. Their cinematic documentaries tap into the audiences interests and have brought their brand immense success. 

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Martin McCormack "The Peat Painter"

This cinematic documentary follows Irish artist Martin McCormack. Martin is known for his use of Irish peat in his pieces. In this mini documentary Martin explains in his own words why he uses peat as a medium and how he began using it for his artwork. 

We follow Martin to the bogs of Ireland and witness him collect the peat and see him create a piece of art from start to finish. This unique Irish artist also explains the connection of his art work to the land and to man. 

Gus Dillon (Fergus)

Gus Dillon or Fergus as he known by in Kerry, is a hill walking enthusiast from the kingdom of Kerry along the wild Atlantic way. In this cinematic documentary Fergus tells us about his lifetime obsession.

From climbing the mountions of Ireland and around the world, and even to base camp of mount Everest. Fergus’s passion for the hills of Kerry is evident and the relationship those same hills he walks today, to famous Irish folklore stories and pagan gods.  

Damian "The Kid" Darker

Professional K1 Kickboxer Damian Darker describes he thoughts on being a pro fighter and his mentality on improving as an athlete. This cinematic video production gives us a fly on the wall look at Damian’s daily training routine.

Currently Damian holds four titles in his weight class and is working towards becoming a Glory fighter and champion. 

The World's Best Insulated Tent

Branded cinematic productions are a great way of engaging an audience. This particular video is more of a documentary about the company itself, Crua Outdoors

From the video we learn about who the products are for and the company’s core identity. 

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