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Philm Productions is a creative video production company that serves businesses across Ireland. We create professional video content for online distribution. Whether you need e-commerce videos or online advertisements, it’s our job to deliver videos that are inline with your company’s  branding. 

We specialise in online video content creation for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and websites among others. Our creative style works extremely well on these platforms and has been proven to gain a lot of attention for our clients.

With our experience shooting worldwide for clients and top brands over many years, we have learned how to deliver highly effective video content and campaigns. We also produce a wide range of video content, from branding videos right through to crowdfunding videos. 

We focus on making every video a converting asset for your business. So whether you are building a community, selling a product/service or trying to draw attention to your company, we always make conversions the priority.

We have the experience and knowledge to produce the content your business requires.

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