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Who we are...

Philm Productions is a creative video production company based in Dublin and was established to service businesses. Our creative work has brought us around Ireland, Europe and Africa, shooting video in some of the most extreme conditions.
We believe every business has a unique story to tell, and stories engage people. It is our passion to create visual stories that engage, excite and connect with your audience.
Philm Productions was created to bring high-quality video content to businesses at a fair price. As statistics show, video content for business is massively important and is also a great medium for gaining clients and emotionally engaging your audience.
We specialize in creating high energy video content for online platforms. Socials media videos, YouTube content, branding videos amongst other styles of video production.

We love to create content that people stop and watch on their social feeds!

founder of philm productions

Left: Behind the scenes of our founder Phillip Walsh shooting in Malawi. Above: Video of the clip Phillip shot.

What we do...

Our speciality is creating online video content that engages, excites and gets attention. The energetic style of our social media videos is unique and stands out from the rest.

Tailored for each client and video category, our video production style can be used for product videos, social content, documentaries and promotional videos.

Representing your brand online is important but you also want people to engage and share the content. We don’t do boring!

Our videos are designed to balance energy and clarity in purpose. This is a perfect combination of online digital content.

Video Production

Video production is at the core of what we do. We provide high-quality creative solutions to any business’s video needs.

Depending on the project requirements, we can shoot on location or in-studio. Also, our crew is flexible and can be stripped down for budget or expanded for efficiency.

This bespoke approach to video production enables smaller companies to access professional video quality and larger companies the opportunity to create more content than ever before.

Our view on video production is simple; make it efficient, effective and creative.

Philm Productions logo

Increasing visibility for the brands of the future.

Getting started

Getting started is easy. Just drop us an email or call on the phone and we can arrange a meeting to best understand your business and budget.

From there we will draft up a concept and treatment for your approval. Once agreed upon we start scouting locations, scripting, equipment testing and casting.

After production is completed, the first draft of your video will be sent to your team to analyze and note any changes you wish to make.

When your team is satisfied with the video, the final colour graded and polished video will be sent to you for you to distribute online.

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